Sundance karstajām masāžas vannām jūs varat uzticēties. Kopš 1979. gada Sundance® nosaka Spa nozares kvalitātes, drošības un izturības standartu. Sundance® ir kļuvusi par akrila masāžas baseinu vislielāko ražotāju pasaulē, kura ir starptautiski atzīta par mūsdienu tehnoloģiju, moderna dizaina un novatorisma ieviešanu ūdens terapijas un masāžas sfērā. Kā ekluzīva sastāvdaļa, ietver patentēto Fludix™ sprauslu tehnoloģiju. Sundance® bija pirmais Spa ražotājs pasaulē, kas saņēma ISO 9001 sertifikātu.

Sundance Spa karstās vannas sniedgs jums iespēju:

  • relaksēties ar siltu hidromasāžu;
  • uzaicināt draugus, relaksēties sniegotā vakarā;
  • pieredzi dziedināšanā ar siltā ūdens terapijas sprauslu strūklu;
  • romantiku ar ūdenī virmojošām gaismām un ūdenskritumu;

Sundance ražo pieejamu pilnu karsto vannu līniju, kas atbilst jūsu dzīvesveidam un jūsu budžetam. Mūs plašo izvēli esam sadalījuši trīs sēriju kategorijās.

You can rely on Sundance hot tubs. Since 1979, Sundance® has been setting the standard for quality, safety and durability in the spa industry. Sundance® has become the largest manufacturer of acrylic hot tubs in the world, which is internationally recognized for the introduction of modern technology, state-of-the-art design and innovation in the field of hydrotherapy and massage. An exclusive component is the patented Fluidix™ jet technology. Sundance® was the first hot tub manufacturer worldwide to receive ISO 9001 certification.Sundance Spas hot tubs will offer you the opportunity to:
  • relax while enjoying a warm water massage;
  • invite friends and relax on a snowy evening;
  • experience healing relief from warm-water therapy jets;
  • see romantic possibilities in the sparkling light of a waterfall.
Sundance manufactures an affordable full line of hot tubs to suit your lifestyle and your budget. We have divided our wide selection into three series categories.

Sundance Select Series Hot Tubs

Premout Sundance Spas 980 hot tub

980 Series

The most complete set, the widest possibilities

Premout Sundance Spas 980 hot tub

For 5-7 people, depending on the model

Premout Sundance 880 sērijas masāžas vanna

880 Series

elegant, fully equipped 
hot tubs

New Premout Sundance Spas 880 hot tub

For 4-8 people, depending on the model

Premout Sundance Spas 780 hot tub

780 Series

ideal massage hot tubs with the widest range of options

For 2-7 people, depending on the model

Premout Sundance Spas 680 hot tub

680 Series

compact hot tubs for classical hydrotherapy

Premout Sundance Spas 680 hot tub

For 2-6 people, depending on the model

Spa and hot tub service

Sundance Spas is designed to improve your health and lifestyle through the benefits of its hydrotherapy options, which include relaxation, stress relief and promotion of overall well-being. Since opening its first manufacturing facility in Costa Mesa, California, Sundance® has grown to become an international manufacturer and distributor of the world’s most state-of-the-art hot tubs of supreme quality. The portable and in-ground hot tubs produced by Sundance Spas are technologically advanced, well-designed, durable, and are complemented by hot tub accessories. Sundance Spas can be found in more than 750 retail locations in over 60 countries worldwide.
 Quality ISO 9000 is a set of five quality assurance standards adopted by 90 countries around the world. ISO 9001 is the most comprehensive of the standards that applies to the design, development, manufacture, installation and maintenance of products or services.
Sundance® was the first hot tub manufacturer in the world to receive ISO 9001 certification. Although ISO 9001 certified processes are expensive and complicated, our task is simple: to ensure quality so that consumers do not return the hot tub. To maintain this certification, the manufacture and quality processes are monitored every 90 days.


Planning plays a key role in finding the perfect location for your hot tub.

Careful planning of the hot tub’s location in your home and/or yard is a very important part of the hot tub purchase process. When choosing the right place, consider the questions of privacy or accessibility. Ask yourself: “Does the hot tub look good here? Is it easy to access? Where should I have a privacy screen (a way to get the seclusion, protecting you from the eyes of strangers)?”

Access to the hot tub

Let the grass grow in the area of the yard separating the house and the hot tub. If you have planned a path to the hot tub, some stone slabs may be a perfect solution.

Arrange garden lighting

which will show the way to the hot tub even if it is dark outside. Sundance hot tubs also feature Coloured LED lighting, which will create an additional ambience complemented by water cascades and external spa lighting in selected models. interneta veikals -masāžās vannu aksesuāri un ķīmija

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